Photography and words by Paolo Ricca
A Story of Courage and Passion
The city of Rome originated from a settlement of farmers and shepherds located initially on the Palatino hill which then, later, extend to the other surrounding hills. Its creation is due to the fusion of families from different lineages, the result of the union between the Latin, Sabine and Etruscan cultures. Today, like yesterday, history repeats itself along the frenetic paths of globalization that line the villages of East Rome, where the inhabitants still feed on pastoralism and culture of fatigue, an ancestral connection that back to increase the ambitions of the younger. This is how, against the opinion of her parents, a young woman chooses to join the green of the pasture, the herd and the milking ritual.
The alarm goes early to give way to dairy production, a poetic rhythm that cannot be interrupted or allows any distractions, an hard work that at the end of the day does not reveal much space to dedicate oneself, but always gives great satisfactions. The proud look of a woman fights the prejudice of a tradition that has always celebrated man as the protagonist. A visceral dedication to the flock, sheep and souls to guard. The courage of Aurora, young and Roman, the gratitude of her husband, proud and Sardinian, who respects her profound choice of love, a story of humility, passion and determination, the vibrant example of a today that can still be lived embracing the values of the earth, A courageous and conscious life choice. Following own origins, ancient traditions and culture of fatigue, an ancestral connection that back to increase the ambitions of the younger. 
"The frame of a united family that fights daily to guard its past, looking into primordial origins to cultivate the roots of its future."